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2005 BILLD Class

Row 1:  Rep. Elaine A. Roberts (SD); Rep. Diane Loeffler (MN); Rep. Bill Davis (IN); Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson (IL); MPP Caroline Di Cocco (ON); Rep. Delia Raquel Garcia (KS); Rep. Rick Shaffer (MI)
Row 2: Rep. Mitch Holmes (KS); Sen. William Hardiman ( MI); Sen. Mattie Hunter (IL); Rep. Mary Williams (WI); Rep. Jeff Mayes (MI); Rep. Joseph W. Uecker (OH); Rep. Mark W. Wagoner, Jr. (OH); Rep., Jason M. Fields (WI)
Row 3: Rep. Randy Demmer ( MN ); Sen. Nick Hacker (ND); Rep. Terry Moulton ( WI); Sen. Debra Fischer (NE); MLA Wayne Elhard (SK); Rep. Don Vigesaa (ND)
Row 4: Rep. Jennifer D. Garrison (OH); Sen. Dave Mulder (IA); Sen. Mike Flood ( NE);  Rep. Helen Miller (IA); Sen. Don Harmon (IL); Rep. Ralph C. Watts (IA)
Row 5: MLA Andrew Swan ( MB ); Sen. Tim Skinner ( IN ); Sen. Chris Langemeier (NE)
Not pictured: MLA Pat Atkinson (Sask.); Sen. Julie Bartling (S.D.); Rep. Kevin A. Elsenheimer (Mich.); Rep. Shantel Krebs (S.D.)

2005 BILLD Class


Sen. Don Harmon
Sen. Mattie Hunter
Fmr. Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson


Fmr. Rep. Bill Davis
Fmr. Sen. Tim Skinner


Rep. Helen Miller
Fmr. Sen. Dave Mulder
Rep. Ralph C. Watts


Fmr. Rep. Delia Raquel Garcia
Fmr. Sen. Mitch Holmes


Fmr. Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer
Fmr. Sen. William Hardiman
Fmr. Rep. Jeff Mayes
Fmr. Rep. Rick Shaffer


Fmr. Rep. Randy Demmer
Rep. Diane Loeffler


Fmr. Sen. Debra Fischer
Fmr. Sen. Mike Flood
Fmr. Sen. Chris Langemeier


North Dakota

Fmr. Sen. Nick Hacker
Rep. Don Vigesaa


Fmr. Rep. Jennifer D. Garrison
Sen. Joseph W. Uecker
Fmr. Sen. Mark D. Wagoner, Jr.

South Dakota

Rep. Julie Bartling
Fmr. Sen. Shantel Krebs
Fmr. Rep. Elaine A. Roberts


Rep. Jason M. Fields
Sen. Terry Moulton
Fmr. Rep. Mary Williams


MLA Andrew Swan


Fmr. MPP Caroline Di Cocco


Fmr. MLA Pat Atkinson
MLA Wayne Elhard







What is BILLD?
The Bowhay Institute is the only leadership training program designed exclusively for Midwestern legislators. BILLD helps  newer legislators develop the skills  necessary to become effective leaders,  informed decision-makers and astute policy analysts. The program offers a  unique opportunity for lawmakers to  improve their leadership skills and explore the issues of the day with nationally renowned scholars, professional development experts, and legislative leaders and colleagues from across the region.