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2012 BILLD Class




Row 1:  Rep. Denise Driehaus, OH; Rep. Joe McDonald, MN; Rep. Anesa Kajtazovik, IA; Sen. John Howe, MN; Sen. Heath Mello, NE; Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright, MI
Row 2: Rep. Mike Kuglitsch, WI; Rep. Paul Torkelson, MN; Rep. Jill Billings, WI; Rep. Paul Farrow, WI; Sen. Lydia Brasch, NE; Rep. Rebecca Kubacki, IN; MLA Cameron Friesen, MB
Row 3: Sen. Don Schaible, ND; Sen. Barbara Bollier, KS; Rep. Jim Bolin, SD; Rep. Ann Williams, IL; Rep.
Row 4: Rep. N. Joel Fry, IA; Rep. Ron Guggisberg, ND; Sen. Allen Schmidt, KS; Rep. Andrea Kieffer, MN; MPP Monte McNaughton, ON; Rep. Dorothy Pelanda, OH; Rep. Mike Stinziano, OH
Row 5: Rep. Aric Nesbitt, MI; Rep. Spencer Hawley, SD; MLA Mike Allen, AB; Rep. Pam Roth, IL; Sen. Charlie Janssen, NE; Rep. Kristin Conzet, SD; Rep. Rick Billinger, KS
Row 6: Rep. Daniel Biss, IL; Rep. Mark Lofgren, IA; Rep. Ken Yonker, MI; MLA Paul Merriman, SK; Sen. Doug Eckerty, IN; Rep. Kevin Mahan, IN


BILLD Class of 2012


Sen. Daniel Biss
Rep. Pam Roth
Rep. Ann M. Williams



Sen. Doug Eckerty
Fmr. Rep. Rebecca Kubacki
Rep. Kevin A. Mahan



Rep. N. Joel Fry
Fmr. Rep. Anesa Kajtazovic
Fmr. Rep. Mark S. Lofgren



Rep. Richard Billinger
Rep. Barbara Bollier
Fmr. Sen. Allen C. Schmidt



Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright
Rep. Aric Nesbitt
Rep. Kenneth J. Yonker



Fmr. Sen. John S. Howe
Fmr. Rep. Andrea Kieffer
Rep. Joe McDonald
Rep. Paul Torkelson



Sen. Lydia Brasch
Fmr. Sen. Charlie Janssen
Sen. Heath Mello

North Dakota

Rep. Ron Guggisberg
Sen. Donald Schaible



Rep. Denise Driehaus
Rep. Dorothy Pelanda
Fmr. Rep. Michael Stinziano


South Dakota

Rep. James W. Bolin
Rep. Kristen A. Conzet
Rep. Spencer Hawley



Rep. Jill Billings
Fmr. Sen. Paul Farrow
Rep. Mike Kuglitsch



Fmr. MLA Mike Allen



MLA Cameron Friesen



MPP Monte McNaughton



MLA Paul Merriman





What is BILLD?
The Bowhay Institute is the only leadership training program designed exclusively for Midwestern legislators. BILLD helps  newer legislators develop the skills  necessary to become effective leaders,  informed decision-makers and astute policy analysts. The program offers a  unique opportunity for lawmakers to  improve their leadership skills and explore the issues of the day with nationally renowned scholars, professional development experts, and legislative leaders and colleagues from across the region.