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July 30-August 3, 2021 | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Application deadline: April 9, 2021


2021 BILLD Application


Who should apply for a BILLD Fellowship?

The Bowhay Institute is designed for Midwestern legislators in their first four years of legislative service. Legislators from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin are eligible to apply.


What costs does a BILLD Fellowship cover?

Each fellowship covers the cost of tuition, lodging and meals related to attending the five-day institute. Each fellow also is eligible to receive a nominal travel stipend, which helps cover a portion of the cost of traveling to Minneapolis.


Why should you apply for a BILLD Fellowship?

The BILLD program will help you become part of the next generation of legislative leaders.
BILLD will help you develop leadership skills. Through a series of workshops, the BILLD program will provide training to sharpen and develop the skills you need to become an effective legislative leader. Leaders from across the region will share their advice and experiences to help you develop into a leader for the 21st century.
BILLD will help you better understand key public policies. By focusing on the most important issues facing states today, scholars from the University of Minnesota and outside experts will help you analyze policies and programs, evaluate the information that you receive, and communicate effectively with constituents and colleagues.
BILLD will give you the opportunity to network with the best and brightest emerging leaders in the Midwest.
As a BILLD fellow, you will be working with some of the most promising new legislators from across the region. Throughout the five-day program, you will be sharing your knowledge with fellow legislators and learning from their experiences.








What is BILLD?
The Bowhay Institute is the only leadership training program designed exclusively for Midwestern legislators. BILLD helps  newer legislators develop the skills  necessary to become effective leaders,  informed decision-makers and astute policy analysts. The program offers a  unique opportunity for lawmakers to  improve their leadership skills and explore the issues of the day with nationally renowned scholars, professional development experts, and legislative leaders and colleagues from across the region.