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Alumni Newsletter

The Midwestern Legislative Conference publishes a newsletter for alumni of the Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development. Each issue contains:
  1. The latest news on the activities of graduates of the Bowhay Institute;
  2. A feature article, written by a guest contributor, on leadership development;
  3. A profile of a BILLD alumnus or alumna;
  4. Updates on the BILLD program; and
  5. Information on alumni reunions and upcoming MLC professional development opportunities.

Winter 2012 »
Featured: "An election year reminder: What you owe the institution and your constituents" by Richard Winkel; BILLD Fellow Profile of Iowa Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen; Alumni Notes; memorial to Nebraska Sen. Dennis Utter; 2012 BILLD applicants sought; preview of 67th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference
Spring/Summer 2011 »
Featured: "You’ve been elected: Principles for transitioning from campaigning to governing" by Phil Boyle; BILLD Fellow Profile of Wisconsin Representative Pat Strachota; Alumni Notes; 2011 BILLD class announced; memorials to Minnesota Sen. Linda Scheid and Wisconsin Justice William Bablitch

Fall 2010 »
Featured: "Fifteen rules for legislators to live by: Reflections on legislative service" by Kevin Coughlin; BILLD Fellow Profile of Saskatchewan Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz; Alumni Notes; an article on sponsorship opportunities for the 2011 Bowhay Institute; and an update on plans for the 66th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference

Winter 2010 »
Featured: "Why 'the person we want to have a beer with' wins the election" by Bill Graham; BILLD Fellow Profile of Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long; Alumni Notes; and an article on Ohio Sen. Steve Buehrer, a BILLD alum, becoming national CSG vice chair

Summer 2009 »
Featured: "Then and now: A look at legislatures over the past 15 years" by Gary Moncrief; "Then and now: Views from graduates of the Bowhay Institute"; Alumni Notes; and a photo of the 2009 BILLD Class

Winter 2009 »
Featured: "A legislator's guide to New Year's resolutions" by Dennis Dresang and Terry Shelton; BILLD Fellow Profile of Illinois Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno; Alumni Notes; and a story on plans for the 15th annual BILLD program