Established in 2017, the Midwestern Legislative Conference Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is exploring a range of issues, including sentencing reform; strategies to reduce recidivism; the role and use of specialty courts; alternatives to incarceration; police and community relations; victims' rights; and more. Legislators from 11 Midwestern states and four Canadian provinces serve on the MLC Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. If you have questions about the committee, please contact Mitch Arvidson, CSG Midwest staff liaison to the committee.


Committee's 2020 Meeting Was Moved Online

Since the MLC's meeting was canceled, the committee moved the summer meeting of the MLC Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee online. It was held remotely via Zoom on Monday, September 14, 2020.
Topics included a fantastic discussion with Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack about her work as Co-Chair of the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration. The meeting also featured a discussion with former Illinois State Sen., and current Cannabis Regulation Oversight Officer, Toi Hutchinson on Illinois' legalization of cannabis, the regulations since legalization, and other drug law reforms in the Midwest. The online meeting featured fantastic content that is relevant for any state legislator interested in criminal justice & public safety issues in their state. We highly encourage you to watch the recording of the meeting linked below!


Committee Hosts Webinar on COVID-19

One of a six-part series held by the Midwestern Legislative Conference, the MLC Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee hosted a webinar focusing on the intersection of criminal justice and the coronavirus pandemic, with an emphasis on public health in state and local correctional facilities.


Committee Co-Hosted "Improving Employment Opportunities and Outcomes for Ex-Offenders Entering and Re-Entering the Workforce" Webinar

Held April 17 and co-hosted with the MLC Economic Development Committee.

This webinar examined state strategies to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for ex-offenders entering or re-entering the workforce. In addition to exploring national trends on re-entry and employment, the webinar highlighted promising policies that support ex-offenders in their transition to successful employment. Panelists for this webinar were Erica Nelson from the CSG Justice Center, Chytania Brown from Employ Milwaukee, and Heather Gay from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Webinar slides   |    Webinar recording

CSG Justice Center's Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies (IRES) Pilot Project


Criminal Justice and Public Safety Took Center Stage at 2019 MLC Meeting

The committee met July 21 as part of the Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting. A full agenda for the 2019 MLC Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee meeting is posted below. The programming on July 22 was also devoted to criminal justice issues. Bryan Stevenson, the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, delivered a keynote address titled "American Injustice: Mercy, Humanity and Making a Difference." Finally, the commitee sponsored three breakout sessions, described in the agenda, for general attendees of the MLC Annual Meeting.


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