Nebraska Sen. John McCollister, co-chair Ohio Rep. Dave Greenspan, co-chair Indiana Rep. Karlee Macer, vice chair
The Midwestern Legislative Conference Economic Development Committee provides a forum for legislators to examine strategies for economic growth in individual states and the region as a whole. Legislators from the 11 member states of the MLC and four Canadian provinces serve on the committee. The committee is led by three committee officers: Nebraska Sen. John McCollister and Ohio Rep. Dave Greenspan, co-chairs; and Indiana Rep. Karlee Macer, vice chair.
If you have questions about the committee, please contact Laura Tomaka, CSG Midwest staff liaison to the committee.


Committee Hosts Webinar Series: Transforming the Midwest Labor Force

The MLC Economic Development Committee is hosting a webinar series address workforce and labor market chalenges in the region. More information.


Committee Meets July 21 and 22 in Chicago

The committee last met during the Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting, which was held in July in Chicago. It will next meet ast part of the 2020 MLC Annual Meeting — July 19-22 in Detroit. An agenda from the 2019 meeting can be found below.


Committee Resources