About the MLC Education Committee

South Dakota Sen. Jim Bolin, co-chair Minnesota Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein, co-chair Ohio Sen.
Hearcel F. Craig,
vice chair
The Midwestern Legislative Conference Education Committee provides a forum for state and provincial legislators to exchange information and ideas on education.
Legislators from 11 Midwestern states and four Canadian provinces serve on this committee. The committee is led by three committee officers: South Dakota Sen. Jim Bolin and Minnesota Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein, co-chairs; and Ohio Sen. Hearcel F. Craig, vice chair.
If you have questions about the committee, please contact Tim Anderson, CSG Midwest staff liaison to the committee.


Committee Meets July 21 and 23 in Chicago

The committee met on July 21 and 23 in Chicago as part of the 2019 Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting. The agenda can be found below. In addition to the committee's sessions, the MLC meeting featured other opportunities to explore education policy, including a session on state strategies to improve civic education and a site visit to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.


Committee Resources