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Minnesota recognized for advances in evidence-based policymaking

by Tim Anderson ~ March 2017 ~ Stateline Midwest »
In a national assessment released earlier this year by the Pew Charitable Trusts and MacArthur Foundation, Minnesota is one of five U.S. states singled out as a leader in the use of evidence-based policymaking.
Generally speaking, this approach looks to ensure that state resources are going to public services and programs that have shown positive results. The two organizations’ 2017 report, “How States Engage in Evidence-Based Policymaking,” was limited to an evaluation of four areas of state policy: behavioral health, child welfare, criminal justice and juvenile justice.
Researchers focused on how each state uses program evaluations and evidence to guide government policy and funding decisions. In Minnesota, for example:
Initiatives in other Midwestern states are highlighted as well. For example, Ohio now makes sure all state and federal dollars for child-abuse prevention go to evidence-based and promising programs. In Indiana, counties’ access to state community corrections funds are contingent on the use of eight principles of effective intervention, including evidence-based programming. Two years ago, too, Indiana lawmakers passed a bill (HB 2006) creating a Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council, which conducts state-level reviews of local corrections programs, county jails and probation services.