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CSG Justice Center offers road map for improving how schools discipline children

In a comprehensive, consensus-based new study released by the CSG Justice Center, state and local leaders have been given more than 60 recommendations to improve how the nation’s schools discipline children.
Implementing these changes, the study concludes, will help keep students from dropping out of school and entering state justice systems, while also enhancing school safety.
The recommendations call for new school-police partnerships, more strategic and targeted behavioral interventions for students, and an increased emphasis on creating “welcome and secure learning environments.” The CSG report also focuses on the importance of keeping young people who have committed “minor offenses” in school and out of the juvenile justice system.
The result of more than 700 interviews spanning three years, “The School Discipline Consensus Report: Strategies from the Field to Keep Students Engaged in School and Out of the Juvenile Justice System” reflects a consensus among a wide range of leaders in the areas of education, health, law enforcement and juvenile justice.
Those stakeholders worked together to establish the strategies outlined in the new report.
Following release of the report, The Council of State Governments’ Justice Center hosted events across the country; the next step is for state and local leaders to decide how best to implement the report’s recommendations.
The center is a national, nonprofit organization that serves policymakers at the local, state and federal levels from all branches of government. CSG staff at the center provides practical, nonpartisan advice and evidence-based, consensus-driven strategies to increase public safety and strengthen communities.